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, and drunk driving threaten maryland's roadways. this holiday, police are out in force. >>> good evening, i'm gigi barnett. adam may has the night off. that is what people are talking about right now. the fourth of july holiday brings a big risk for drivers. a new state campaign could help decrease the number of fatalities this weekend. suzanne collins has more on how police are keeping the roads safe this weekend. suzanne? >> reporter: let's say they are out in force and especially en route to the ocean and western maryland, gigi. we understand they are not only focusing on drunk driving but also drugged driving. it's a bang up weekend for a party. there will be alcohol consumed and a massive number of cars on the road traveling. this combination means more crashes so police have set up special enforcement details. >> holiday weekends means more traffic on the road, more speeders trying to reduce the travel time, which by the way, doesn't work. also, a lot more drunk drivers on the road. >> reporter: there's also a new campaign to not only arrest drunk drivers but drugged drivers. the balt
-year-old is being held at the western maryland children's center. >>> today, word of a multimillion-dollar settlement. nearly two dozen people became sick from carbon monoxide poisoning, at ruth's chris inner harbor restaurant in 2008. the victim sued the hotel that owns the restaurant. an investigation revealed it was a crack in the hotel's basement broiler equipment that caused the leak. >> today, a jury handed down a $34 million verdict to the 23 plaintiffs in the case. >>> slightly warmer and humid weather. a live look outside now. temperatures are making it into the 90s today. and it is a bilt uncomfortable. wjz is live with first warning weather coverage. >> i'll agree with that. it is a bit uncomfortable. but compared to the weekend and some of the days you've had this summer, not all that horrible. yes, it is pretty warm out there. we have a couple of showers that popped up across portions of virginia. right now, it's quiet around here. just a few isolated showers. tomorrow, we have a pretty good chance of thunderstorms around the region. as a front will move across the area
and in to western maryland now. let's switch to doppler real quick. southern pennsylvania, western maryland we have light showers at the moment. this is the line we will watch. back on the computer, temperatures are running at 80, a warm muggy morning. some 70s out there. cumberland you are the warm spot at 81. looking at the day at a glance, 84 by 9:00. 90 by noon. mostly cloudy and showers and storms by then. upper 80s for 5:00 as the showers and storms pull away. some of the storms, especially south, could be strong to severe. patranya bhoolsuwan is watching the roads. >> as you heard howard said scattered showers later on today but the road is right now dry. in and out of the beltway no major problems reported. just the traffic lights are out in montgomery county. let's switch to the live camera. 95 north no problems. on the beltway in virginia between braddock and i-66 as we switch over. no big problems on the west side of the beltway. good morning, maryland. on i-270 this morning heading down south from father hurley to split no problems, as well. and 95 and bw parkway as we
travel, 4th of july weekend is in full swing as thousands of marylanders and the police are hitting the roads. >>> and it's looking like the heat will return just in time for the holiday. meteorologist tim williams has the details coming up in your first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >>> good morning, welcome to eyewitness news this afternoon. an andrea fujii in for gigi barnett. >>> temperatures in the 60s. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >>> a little chilly, enjoy the chill. >> it's going away after the next day or so. today we'll be warming up a little more than yesterday. the nice thing is we're dealing with a dry heat, which is not something we typically get to say in this region. the humidity will build by the end of the weekend into next week we'll deal with humidity and heat as well. your forecasted to temperatures in the 60s area wide. we'll be touching the 70s quickly. we're going up to a high of close to 90 degrees, look for sunshine. a little more humidity than yesterday. dew points will be low. we'll talk about how h
it back on the table. >>> from a hospital t bed to the playing field. meet one of maryland's youngest participate in this year's transplant game. >>> it's going to be a scorcher. how hot will it get and when you will get some relief from the heat. >>> good morning. it's friday, july 23rd. you're taking a live look over the inner harbor as we get ready to start the weekend. a lot of people happy about that. because it's friday, that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. let us know what is on your mind and your response could air in our facebook feedback segment. juster just go to baltimore to become a fan and join in the conversation. let us go to meteorologist steve fertig and let us know how hot it's going to be. when you talk about 100 it's going to be bad. >>> the temperatures will be up to 100 and 100 and beyond tomorrow. take a look through the central part of the state under the heat advisory from 9:00 this morning through tonight and also tomorrow we have an excessive heat watch that you see right now in philadelphia that
, a black 1999 nissan sentra which maryland please 5fg-e 91. those pleats 5fg-e91. if you see the suspect or child don't approach them because you can put the child in danger or yourself. but do call police if you do come across either of these people. again, amber alert issued for jarn gomez, a 4-year-old hispanic male taken from in front of the metro station here at mount vernon square in washington. prince george's county police and d.c. police are working together on this one. we're lichb northwest. now back to you. >>> 8:01. time to check in with kim martucci for a look at our weather. enjoy today, right? >> yeah. bottle it. >> can we put it in this? >> yeah, sure. it will turn steamy here into next week. we'll ease into those 90s one day at a time today. it's a trip into 80s. we're watching the washington monument. clear skies. gorgeous start. perhaps you're getting in that morning routine, jog or walk. humidity is not bad. 69 degrees with dew points in the 50s, feels good. humidity is 53%. southwest within at 7:00. how do we compare? hagerstown at 63, richmond 60, salisbury 69. hig
on the roads to and from the beach, also out to western maryland. they are not just trying to catch drunk drivers and speeders. this year, this he will be looking for drugged drivers. it's a bang up weekend for a party. there will be alcohol consumed and a massive number of cars on the road traveling. this combination can mean more crashes. so state police have set up special enforcement details. >> holiday weekends mean more traffic on the road, more violators of the law, more speeders trying to reduce their travel time, which by the way, doesn't work. also a lot nor drugged drivers on the road. >> reporter: there's also a campaign to not only arrest drunk drivers about you the drugged driving. drugged driving play a large role in crashes. >> 34% of motor vehicle crash victims admitted to a maryland trauma center that they tested positive for drugs only. only 16% tested positive for alcohol. >> reporter: if you realize you should not be driving and don't want to be stranded overnight there's tipsy taxi each day from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. you can get a free ride. >> yellow cab will send
in the case of university of maryland. more than two dozen students were arrested. we'll have the details, next on wjz-13, eyewitness news. >>> a dead hump backed whale washes ashore in ocean city. i'm mary bubala and we'll have more on what will be done with it. >>> we'll have much needed rain on the way. we'll have the forecast coming up next. >>> as bob just mentioned, much needed rain is on the way and storms are in the area. tim williams has the details in the first warning weather forecast. eyewitness news saturday morning starts now. >>> good morning, i'm gigi barnett. >> >> and i'm not bob turk. >> no, you're tim williams. >>> well, we're really dry and we're going into the day and we're almost 2 1/2 inches below for the year and totals. if you look out over the horizon, some parts of the area are bright. looking here, we have steady showers moving across the city and up towards the north east. elkton is seeing rain and we're seeing a good bit of showers and thunder up towards perry hall and baltimore's seen steady showers and for the most part, we'll see the clearing throughout t
your way to powder mill. move to the outer loop and show you in maryland, no construction projects no major incidents to report between route 1 college park toward 270. virginia, virginia, we are tracking 66 for you. heading eastbound you are fine from manassas to inside the beltway. 395, also finding drivers at speed making their way from the springfield interchange though the 14th street bridge. call it a wrap inside the district. hello, northeast, early-morning drivers on income tax new york avenue, an incident free commute making your way to the third street tunnel. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> much of the eastern seaboard is in for another day of grueling temperatures. some places are expected to hit as high as 102 degrees, but as howard just mentioned the humidity will make it feel much hotter them heat is challenging the basic assumptions we make about the services we couldn't on to run our homes. gary tries to find out how the heat will affect our lives down the road. >> reporter: first the water main repair that forced the washington suburban sanitary commission la
is a racketeering enterprise, operating here in maryland throughout the state. >>> new charges, filed against more than a dozen members of the bgf gang. >>> i'm jessica kartalija in baltimore city. that story next on wjz. >>> optimism for the bay's oysters. new findings about the bay's health. >>> and record-setting heat. 105 degrees today. wham about tomorrow? don't miss the updated first warning forecast. ,,,,,,,,,, if i were a customer, i'd like nonstop travel because it's quicker. because it's convenient. it's just the best way to go. keeps the cost down. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines nonstop out of bwi airport. it means more time doing the things i want to do. it's easy. it's hassle-free. there's no headaches. [ male announcer ] fly southwest airlines nonstop to milwaukee for just $69 one-way. i like nonstop travel because... you don't got any more stuff. [ laughter ] [ ding ] >>> just hours ago. federal racketeering charges. a gang known for committing crimes throughout maryland. jessica kartalija reports, a corrections officer is also charged with helping the gang sneak contraba
are dealing with record-breaking heat. and it is blanketing maryland. emergency personnel and power companies are ready to respond to any problems on charles street in towson, you can see the heat shimmering in the air, above these construction workers. and outside right now, it is downright stifling, to use a term from denise koch. it is like the breath of the devil. [ laughter ] i love that line. what more can you say to that? wjz is live with first warning weather. mike hellgren with more on how everyone is trying to stay cool. but first, bob turk with new record -- a new record high set just today. bob? >> justice came -- just came in about two seconds ago. our computer hadn't even had a chance to update it. just one second ago, bwi marshall, just got to 105. 105 degrees at the airport. many places at least 100. ocean city, only 88. oakland, a cool 84. and the heat index. however, the dew point, we did drop today. the heat index, this is as of a few minutes ago, was 104. essentially. there's really no heat index with the humidity as low as it is. but easton is up to 106. ocean city feels
>>> passenger rights, a nightmare for commuters, prompted a maryland congressman to take action. >> i'm mary bubala. people are talking about, angry hot and frustrated passenger. problems continue to plating riders. now congressman dutch ruppersberger is bringing a commuter's bill of rights to washington. >> the horror stories of airplanes holding passengers on and on tarmacs and runways, led to a passenger bill of rights for passengers. the breakdown left 900 passengers stranded in sweltering conditions, no air- conditioning, no relief. >> there was no air- conditioning, no electricity. >> no one is in control of the marc commuter system. >> reporter: that prompted congressman dutch ruppersberger to introduce a bill guaranteeing a passenger bill rough rights. >> it requires them to provide passenger with adequate foorksd water, restroom, ventilation and medical services as well as a time frame under which passengers can exit the vehicle after three hours. >> i think it's a great idea. i would hate to be on that plane. >> reporter: they don't expect that legislation to leave the
: the sun beat down hard on maryland, during the worst of this heat wave so far. and the pollutants and the hazy air made it unhealthy. several hundred bge customers were without power statewide. one outage temporarily closed the hamilton branch of the enoch pratt free library. but with the flip of that switch, power was back on where bge crews spent the morning working. >> thank you so much. >> in timonium, the baker family's air conditioning went out. but they were able to get it back on. >> it was a little uncomfortable. more for my husband than for me. i'm kind of used to the heat. >> we have been very busy. in the last several weeks, we have been working a lot of overtime. >> reporter: from the harbor to harford county. to north avenue in the city, the heat wave is on, along with the danger. six people have already died this year of heat-related causes. >> it is a slippery slope there from being dehydrated to having heat exhaustion to having heat stroke. and it's important to be ahead of that curve. >> reporter: amtrak has rescue loc motives every 30 to 50 miles along the north
is incident free. and the outer loop in maryland is tracking that commute. nice and quiet this morning. 95 all the way to 270. that's the traffic. back to you. >>> this morning, vre has a new operator, keolis is replacing amtrak as the company in charge of all vre trains. we have more on how this change will affect commuters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well, hopefully the only changes vre riders will notice are cosmetic like new employees, new uniforms but this morning certainly marks the end of an era for virginia's commuter railway. after 18 years of running vre, amtrak is out and keolis rail services of america is taking over. amtrak has run the railway since its beginning but last november tux during vre contract negotiations the french company was the lowest bidder and was awarded an $85 million operations contract. but the changeover has come with some controversy. two months ago, keolis alleged that they would not be ready for the june 28th takeover and clearly the date did slip by two weeks. the problem was vre was struggling to get employees in place. keep in mind, nearl
of light sprinkles out in western maryland and some of the other radars are indicating that just a few of those are touching the ground. so it's possible there will be a light shower. most of the rain will hold off until the evening commute and during the nighttime hours tonight as this little piece of energy, see it out into central ohio and eastern kentucky, that will move through here late today and tonight and that will give us a chance of showers. and another piece of energy will come through tomorrow and give us an even better chance of -- we need the rain around here even though we got some on saturday, more needed showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. upper 80 -- 80s to about 90. muggy and showers in the forecast for the day tomorrow. much nicer by wednesday, thursday and friday. hot with highs back in the mid- 90s. >> so a hot week. not 100-degrees but hot. >> certainly more than normal. >>> let's look at traffic with julie wright. >> not so bad if you're traveling in either direction at the wilson bridge with the lanes open. inbound route 50, two pickup trucks stopped, causing
it's wjz, maryland's news station. >>> alex spares texas but the rare june hurricane drenches the lone-star state and slams into mexico with deadly results. >>> hi, everybody, i'm mary bubala >> i'm kye jackson >> in texas, the first hurricane of the season brings only heavy rain and scattered flooding. we begin on south padre island. this south pad padre allen is taking down the protection he is glad he didn't need. the first atlantic hurricane of the season brushed south texas as it made land fall in new mexico. in monterey, two people are dead. south padre saw winds strong enough to shut down the only bridge on to the island and flooding streets >> it's mainly water >> water >> reporter: as alex moves over land, flash floods are still a concern the family hit the beach after weathererring the storm in their hotel. they were prepared for worse >> i made friends with the people higher up, we were on the second floor i had a plan to go up if things got bad >> waves knocked the seaweed on to the sand if you had your reservations use them, if you don't, make them >> reporte
: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: >>> a maryland homeowner involved in the biggest spy swap since the cold war. tonight, we have new reaction from his baltimore county neighbors. >>> good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm adam may. one of the high-profile russian prisoners is back on u.s. soil and may be returning to his home in comeysville. weijia jiang has the latest. >> reporter: many are wrapping their heads around the fact that one of the prisoners could be returning to the state to live. 59-year-old alexander spent the past seven years in a russian prison. on friday, the former kgb colonel flew into dulles international airport. he's one of four convicted of spying for the west, released by moscow in the biggest spy swap since the cold war. thousands of miles away, quiet cockeysville is what he called home since 1997. he once lived in this upscale private community on high field court and still owns a house on willow vista way where his son and family live where neighbors can't believe an espionage drama has any baltimo
>>> good morning, everyone. a maryland home ener is at the center of the biggest international spy flop since the cold war. next on wjz eyewitness news, i'll tell you exactly how and what people are saying about it. >>> environmental battle, a federal lawsuit is filed against a baltimore steel plant. did the company pollute area water ways. >> the birds were in texas taking on the rangers. find out if the winning streak continues. taking a live look outside, we got some much-needed rain yesterday. what about the rest of the weekend? meteorologist tim williams has the answer in our first warning weather forecast. >>> and the 5k will begin in seconds. i'm sharon gibala live off reisterstown road where the miles that matter race is just about to begin. details coming up. eyewitness news is seconds away. >>> good morning and welcome to eyewitness news this sunday. i'm gigi barnett. >> i'm tim williams. temperatures comfortably in the 70s this morning. much more comfortable morning than we had yesterday. a little rain yesterday through the area. all of the rain is gone to answer your qu
cleared up. >> reporter: from what i understand, maryland state police is on the scene and in the lead. at this point, they're waiting for tow trucks to clear the road of the vehicles involved in the collision. >> laura with the maryland state highway administration. thanks a lot for that report. >> reporter: thank you, bruce. >>> tonight, oil is being allowed to flow freely in the gulf of mexico. workers are in the middle of an operation to switch caps on top of that broken well. the old cap is off. in its place will go a tighter dome supposed to funnel more oil to collection ships on the surface. terrell brown reports the latest solution should take two days, if all goes well. >> reporter: the broken oil well at the bottom of the gulf is in free flow. the cap that was holding back some of the oil was removed saturday afternoon to clear the way for a new tighter-fitting seal. b.p. is also working to hookup a third containment ship to the well. the combination of a third ship and the new cap could contain the spill as early as monday. what b.p. so desperately wants and needs. >> we tak
. -- thousands went without. pepco is planning to work with the council. rupp >>> bill, maryland -- rockville residents can rest easy now that a second water main repair is complete. >>> two men are in custody after a impersonating police officers. courtney robinson is reporting from langley park. >> we understand from two sources that at least one of these men worked as a security guard for a company that provides security for a bid for a station apartments, where everything took place early yesterday morning. the victims are also residents of this apartment complex. according to prince george's county police, around 3:30 yesterday morning daniel blaylock and kennedy ventura approach the victim's on 15th avenue in the black suv with flashing lights. they showed badges and and they robbed the victims. we spoke with one man who did not want to go on camera because he knows both of these men, but says that he's not surprised. he had heard about similar things happening with other security guards. >> you are not even safe even though you have security. you have to deal with the day- to-day situa
but it will be creeping back. 74 is the national airport. near 70 at southern maryland near the bay. many of the suburbs north and west in the 60s right now and off to a pleasant start. no travel problems anywhere across the eastern half of the country. enormous area of high pressure is in place. many locations in the upper 50s. eastern shore in the 60s right now. the view from space showing this giant area of pressure rotating around the top of our region. and it will be in place giving us plenty of sunshine. we'll have afternoon highs in the upper 90s and getting a little more humid. not oppressive yesterday but hot. it's going to be quite humid wednesday and into thursday and should be a bit cooler on thursday with a chance of thunderstorms. that's the way it looks right now. back to you. >> thank you, tom. for those of you who have been affected by mandatory water restrictions, you may get relief today. they have made real progress fixing a cracked main. the restrictions in montgomery and prince george's county could be lifted today. derrick ward reports. >> reporter: montgomery pool, a loophole in
and lightning and northern loudon county and maryland and north frederick county, virginia, there is a line north of frederick passing south mountain, heading off to the north and east will begin to pull away from the area as the morning progresses. right now it's a steamy morning. we're in the 70s to near 80 degrees across the region. 70s on the eastern shore, 60s out of the mountains of western maryland and west virginia. and this morning we have the weak frontal zone coming through. later today too a chance of showers and thunderstorms, highs low 90s. wednesday, steamy all week. jerry, how's the traffic? >> good morning, everyone. heads-up, you were warned. 395 northbound at the 14th street bridge, a new lane configuration in the overnight hours early this morning. vdot is reconfiguring the travel lanes. construction barrels are right in the middle of the roadway and this will cause early confusion, particularly in the early morning darkness. you can see the construction barrels right there. we'll have two lanes to the right, two to the left. you get the drill. it's monday. >> and we'll
for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley, this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward. >>> more on the storm that has brought work in the gulf to a standstill. officials fear the delay could last as long as two weeks. >>> and lindsay lohan's first weekend in jail. will she be allowed visitors? we'll find out. reviving the economy means reinventing the way we do business. here's to the owners showing us the way. [trumpet playing "reveille" fades to silence] have you tried honey bunches of oats with real strawberries? wow. it's seriously strawberry. they're everywhere. it's in the bunches, on the flakes, even real strawberries in the mix. can i have some more? honey bunches of oats with real strawberries. it's delicious. nobody does it quite like us. experience new positively nourishing body washes from aveeno, the naturals brand dermatologis
in effect and police believe the suspect may be driving a 1999 black nissan sentra with maryland plates. >> there's a lot of questions. for example, the boy was taken in washington, d.c., but the mother did not report the kidnapping or the alleged kidnapping. she went to her home in hyattsville before she called police. why that happened is not clear. at this point, police have not charged him with anything, i believe at this point, they are trying to sort this out. they are talking to the mother and the child. reporting live, i'm armando trull, back to you. >> armando, thank you. >>> we have another developing story at this hour. the on going water woes in montgomery county. major progress overnight, crews were able to shut off the water so repairs can begin on the 96- inch pipe in gaines borrow road. as surray chin reports, people violating those mandatory water restrictions. >> lifted with a major sign of progress as a 96-inch replacement pipe was lowered. it's tricky maneuvering. >> not much room to play with. >> no room to play with. >> this is the massive pipe in question wit
her boss. >> they feared that maryland needs public tranceity the most -- trance ut the most. >> and -- transit the most. >> the congressman will plan on introducing the commuter bell of rights. >> reporter: burger said it would require operators of buses, trains and planes to have an emergency plan in place in the event of a break done. >> also require see them to provide passengers with food, water, restrooms and medical service as well as a time frame understand which passengers can exit the vehicle after three hours. >> it would require hot lines so operators can answer to their customers. >> i have had problems before. never this bad. >> i have had trains sit down where you are sitting there for 10 or 15 minutes. >> this is two and a half hours and it was actually a crisis. >> in anne arundel county, abc 2 news. >> the highways are congested and tens of thousands of workers heading there. >>> a woman is being held without bail. police say she intentionally crashed her car with her young children in the back seat. it happened last month. >> they say jennifer martin of hal
getting hammered. we had a tornado warning earlier this afternoon for rockville, maryland. that has expired. but these storms are now working their way across the chesapeak i wouldn't be surprised if we get more warnings issued with these storms as we advance through the rest of the evening hours. here's what's happening in terms of the heat. we still have the heat advisories for much of the east, the south, stretching into alabama, into georgia. where it feels like it's 110 degrees even. and there are a lot of places yesterday that actually soared to record highs. and you can see it here. richmond, virginia, for example, what a hot summer it's been for you, up to 105 degrees yesterday. so some really hot numbers there. baltimore, up to 100, raleigh up to 100 as well. and in new york's central park. 97 degrees, it's been a stretch a long stretch of hot weather and the storms have only been providing some relief, really. because it tends to get hot once again. i can tell you that tomorrow you'll get an improvement and you'll see a reduction in humidity but it won't be a dramatic chan
marylanders will travel. we have more along the beltway with jessica. >> reporter: good evening to you out there and if you are planning on heading to the beach or somewhere fun. gas prices are up but more people are expected to hit the road this year than last year. summer is in full swing and highways are packed with travelers. >> and we're expecting 34.4 million people will be traveling over the weekend. >> the holiday comes amid the worst oil spill in u.s. history. >> compared to last year the gas prices here are 12 cents higher, that's consistent with the national average. >> the good news is that the prices are not near the mark like they were back in 2008. and in our state 658,000 people are expected to travel. 92% will be driving. law enforcement officials are out in force. and they will ride the routes and state police droppers are targeting reckless and impaired drivers. >> it will affect driver's judgment, their reaction time, motor skills and memory. it is a national issue. >> reporter: the policy director joined maryland law enforcement launching a new campaign raising awaren
goes far and wide. we, in the state of maryland, rely heavily on our friends in the gulf for oysters, for the well-known and yummy gulf shrimp, and not regrettably, but they are a good supplement to our wonderful chesapeake bay blue crabs. we need to know that seafood is safe, and the american public needs to know that the seafood is safe for the simple reason that we want them to continue to feel comfortable buying gulf products so that the economic consequences is not multiplied where first of all they have closed the fishing areas, and that i have closed the beaches, but they have closed the fishing areas and then people say, well, i'm not going the buy it, because i worry about it. one, we need to insure the safety and then we need good publ information about that. i want to come back to that, but i want to go right to this idea of the unified command and who does what. i have been concerned about the ified command, because it soundsto me, like when i heard it, it sounded so cool and command and control and decisive and quit-witted and swift of boat and foot. but when i got, ther
this year so far. six people in maryland have dieded from heat-related illnesses. that tops all of last year combined. there are four deaths in pennsylvania. three in virginia and one in dc. and from new england to the carolinas, people are looking for relief from the heat. in new york city, they have gone as far as to set up the water on the gulf station where people could find a place to stay hydrated. >> reporter: being called a hero this evening after saving the life of a 9-year-old boy. and the near drowning happened at the williamsburg townhouse community in germantown. armando trull reports on a day at the pool that almost turned tragic. >> reporter: that's right. in this germantown pool, quick thinking to avert a tragic. >> it's very terrifying. >> reporter: kelly wasn't ex%ing to save a 9-year-old -- expecting to save a 9-year-old boy's life. >> reporter: but that is exactly what the 18-year-old senior life guard did. >> i pulled him from the water. we did open his airways, tilted his head back and made sure he was okay. >> they acted very quickly as soon as they saw a situation hap
-- one minute. one minute to our great majority leader, congressman hoyer of maryland. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. hoyer: i thank the gentleman for yielding. i'm pleased to follow my friend, congressman manzullo, in speaking about the importance of making it in america. . it's not about manufacturing in america, it's about succeeding in america. to make sure that america is the vibrant engine of our economy and the international economy. making things not only for americans but for all the world. and i thank mr. manzullo for his comments. americans have always looked to the manufacturing sector as a source of economic vitality and as a source of pride. and i want to thank mr. rush, who has been an outstanding leader in this congress on behalf of growing our economy, jobs for americans, good paying, good benefits for all americans. america has long prided itself in a country that makes things, and democrats and i know my republicans -- republican friends are committed to making sure that is true in the future. america agrees on the importance
. in the news for today, breaking news, an amber alert has been issued in maryland. police are looking for 2-year-old aaron gomez. he has curly black hair. about 3'4" tall and weighs 40 pounds. last seen wearing a red shirt and blue pants. police believe aaron was snatched outside the mount vernon metro station in the district. police say he was abducted by 22-year-old jose turcios. he's 5'8" and about 195 pound and has a pony tail. turcios also has a tattoo on his neck that says lidia and ice tattooed on his arm. he may be driving a black 199 nissan sentra with maryland tags 5 fge 91. your forecast is coming up next. stay with us. ♪ [ deb ] people don't just come to ge capital for money. they come to us for help. at ge capital, we've been financing taylor guitars for over eight years, helping them build a strong dealer network. bringing music to people... i like that. ♪ ♪ [ bob ] i didn't know you could play. i didn't either. ♪ >>> welcome back. kim martuccijoins us now. >>> we'll ease back into the summer time heat as we think about the next few days. today baby step from 24r0er8s
the wind was blowing away from area homes. it did shut down a major railway. >>> a maryland man was beaten, robbed, and carjacked after being lured to an apartment complex by a woman he met in a bar. police say the woman told the 28-year-old victim she'd forgotten her keys and needed to call a roommate. while the pair waited, two men approached and pistol whipped the victim. they took the man's money, jewelry, and cell phone before taling his car. >>> in tomorrow's washington examiner, the new operator of virginia railway express will be ready to take over the train service next week. that is a piece of welcomed news from riders of commuter trains that have faced a recent series of setbacks. >>> still ahead here on 9 news, if you're going take a cruise, you may as well go for the biggest ship out there. >>> and get ready for a hot 4th of july. the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off p
by search crews from the sheriff's office and maryland national resources -- natural resources. police haven't released his name because they're trying to notify his relatives. he was in his 60's. they do not suspect foul play in his death. >>> still ahead tonight, b.p. crews try to install a new, tighter cap on that gushing oil leak. >>> a state trooper thinks he's following a drunk driver ends up in a high-speed chase with an armed robbery suspect. >>> did you enjoy this day? how could you not? blue skies, low humidity, light winds. absolutely gorgeous. i truly believe it will spill into the first part of your monday. wakeup weather as you get the kids off to day care, summer camp or prepare for your own full day's worth, it should be nice. you shouldn't have the weather to complain about. the seven day outlook comes up. 9 news now continues after this. [ kid 1 ] wanna know some of our favorite things? we love summertime fun! ...wearing our favorite colors... ...and jamming to our favorite bands! ♪ but we love eating totino's the most. we live for fun... ...friends... [ both ] ...and bes
and the food goes far and wide. we, in the state of maryland, rely heavily on our friends in the gulf for oysters, for the well-known and yummy gulf shrimp, and not regrettably, but they are a good supplement to our wonderful chesapeake bay blue crabs. we need to know that seafood is safe, and the american public needs to know that the seafood is safe for the simple reason that we want them to continue to feel comfortable buying gulf products so that the economic consequences is not multiplied where first of all they have closed the fishing areas, and that i have closed the beaches, but they have closed the fishing areas and then people say, well, i'm not going the buy it, because i worry about it. one, we need to insure the safety and then we need good public information about that. i want to come back to that, but i want to go right to this idea of the unified command and who does what. i have been concerned about the unified command, because it sounds, to me, like when i heard it, it sounded so cool and command and control and decisive and quit-witted and swift of boat and foot. bu
before us today was introduced by congressman john sarbanes of maryland along with myself and representatives frank wolf, gerry connolly of virginia, jim moran of virginia, dutch ruppersberger of maryland and danny davis of illinois back in march of 2009. the bill was then amended and ordered reported favorably by our subcommittee on march 24 and again shortly thereafter by the oversight and government reform committee on april 14, 2010. madam speaker, despite the evolving nature of the way the federal government conducts its affairs, fellow work, which allows an employee to regularly perform work from a remote location other than their usual workplace continues to be underutilized by federal agencies. experiences that demonstrated that the private and public sector employers who utilize telework experienced increased productivity and retention rates. more specifically, the u.s. patent and trademark office and the defense information systems agency have successfully used telework programs which show potentially how telework can transform and enhance agencies' customers ser
years for a drive-by. >>> and charges in the death of a maryland dentist. dr. row was beaten to death in his office. police say two suspects were in the middle of robbing the dentist when they killed him. one worked at the dentist. they were arraigned last week. >>> and a arrest warren issued for a cab driver accused of raping a girl. we have more details. >> having family and kids, i was shocked. >> reporter: the general manager of regency cab, a country with a -- a company with a contract to pick up metro customers is having trouble with the allegations against one of his cabbies. a woman passenger said the driver raped her after picking her up from an adult day care facility last week. his boss wasted no time in taking action. >> around 4:30, this gentleman doesn't work any more for this company. >> reporter: he said the driver passed a background check and has gone through two training sessions since being hired in january. >> we don't know yes. it is accusation. we don't know if he's guilty. >> reporter: he'll face charges of second-degree grape -- rape and two counts of assault.
. >> if you would like to see today's resumes and head abc 2 news maryland. if you want your resume for consideration, e-mail it to best resumes at ben will call you to come in and take a 20 second video pitch. we'll put it on the air and our website. >>> even if you can wear whatever you want, that doesn't mean you should. we have a quick list on what not to wear? >>> they may be comfortable but flip-flops are no, nos. tank tops as well. anything see through. if it's peek a boo, employer will boo. >>> have you noticed any no- no's in your office? post a comment in your home page, and no, don't take pictures of your co-workers. >>> the ravens owned the training, and. and football is more than just tackles and touchdowns. it's also about conditioning. >>> when razor strapped, 6'4", in the second round, i expected to be on what was pros fecialal line. >> and as training camp opens, he was sidelined because he couldn't pass the team's physical test. >> watching him practice. if so, letting hilg down. >> in alabama, cody was the star. his jump to the nfl is already opening his
are already in the low to mid-80s. 86 in frederick, maryland. 81 in fairfax and arlington. our forecast today will be a new record high temperature, 101 here in washington. some cooling thunderstorms late tomorrow. >>> it was quite a week in washington politics with veteran new york congressman charles rangel getting toward face ethics charges in the house and the story that dominated the headline it is this week, the embarrassing on us ter of agriculture official shirley sherrod. for more on this, we turn to cnbc walk correspondent. the president would have liked to talk about financial reform, but we weren't talking about that. how badly did that hurt him? >> this is the week that the president struggled with the news cycle. he's had a lot of unfortunate incidents where the stories crop up and the washington struggles to contain them over the course of the week with the sherrod mess earlier in the week, the white house really did not distinguish itself as they were forced to apologize. the president had to make a call. all of that interrupted a news cycle in which the president really wante
's regardless of their level of musical talents. brave shop owner. >>> and the humane society of maryland is reminding drivers of the dangers of leaving kids or pets in your car exposed to the sweltering summer sun. to demonstrate, they left cookies to bake on the dashboard of a car. and well, the sweets not only baked. some of them even burned. yikes. >>> and now for a look at your national and regional weather, here is nbc's meteorologist bill karins with your weather channel forecast. good morning to you, bill. i understand, we've been in the middle of a heat wave. it was 120 in the car. >> if the temperature outside is that warm and closed in. dangers always in the summer months. good reminder. let's talk about what's happening in the tropics. mentioning bonnie and impacts of it's about to move on shore. winds are gusty, a weak tropical system, not going to cause any destruction. an equivalent to a squally type day. rain will pick up in miami shortly. watching out west yesterday, it was warm, 106 in vegas. cooler yesterday. sacramento 92, medford at 95. that heat still in the salt lak
part time. go to and click on the job shop tab. >>> maryland's first case of west nile virus confirmed. coming up, where mosquitoes are testifying positive and what you need to know to protect yourself from getting sick. >>> work in the gulf interrupted tonight. bp is forced to pull the plug on efforts to stop the disaster. the problem? a tropical storm moving through the caribbean.  >>> we are following a developing story in china. a typhoon is clobbering the region. the heavy rain and 70 miles per hour winds caused a fishing boat to capsize. the father and son on board were rescued. authorities are urging people to stay inside to avoid flying debris. >>> tropical depression is causing problems for the crews in the gulf. the storm could reach the area by saturday. it's forcing a major evacuation of dozens of ships and workers. >> reporter: the storm system gaining steam in the caribbean putting the brakes on work to permanently stop the oil leaking in the gulf. drilling stopped possibly delaying the effort as much as two weeks. vice president joe biden
accurately weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> another gorgeous day on tap as we start with our hd cam. you're going to be stuck in the office today, this is one of those times to do whatever you can to get outdoors. it's going to be bright out there. protect the eyes and you know, protect the skin if you are going to be at the pool. with cool temperatures on tap, you can get a burn as we have a high uv index. sunshine is abundance right now and you'll notice sparrows point checking in with a current of 63 degrees. it brought us to 63. 64 easten and ocean city, still hanging in the 50s towards york, pa at 56. frontal boundary sliding its way to the south. we have a mostly clear sky and we have ourselves nice weather flowing in. so for today, 2-degree guarantee gets us to 80. outside of baltimore, you'll stay in the 70s. some 40s, like places near yorkpa, near 60 by the bay. we'll push the upper 80s saturday. fourth of july through next week, another heat wave, upper 90s. kim. >>> looking nice traffic wise. the roadway starting to get slightly congested in some of
: the view from curtis in pensacola, florida. republican line. jeremy, annapolis, maryland. do you have faith in president obama and/or congress? what do you think? hello, jeremy? go ahead, paul, from annapolis. caller: how are you doing? i definitely have faith in president obama. i think the american people are too impatient. to make a change in our economy and country -- to expect that it could be done in less than a year, or a year, it is just ridiculous. host: what is your own situation in terms of jobs and the economy and that kind of thing, and what do you make of folks who might be jobless, losing homes, can't get loans? caller: the actual -- 75%. think that the solution is to totally they'll a year and a half and -- bail a year-and-a-half in and say a whole year and half north dakota largest economic cataclysm -- a whole year and a half in the largest economic cataclysm. host: now i have jeremy on the line, republican. caller: yes, i am. to your two previous callers, the first one, curtis, if you are so dissatisfied with the va system, you can take an inner tube and flew to cuba and
1 the journal stands approved. the pledge of allegiance will be led by the gentleman from maryland, congressman kratovil. mr. kratovil: i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. the speaker: the chair will entertain up to five requests for one-minute speeches on each side of the aisle. for what purpose does the gentleman from maryland rise? >> request unanimous consent to address the house for one minute. the speaker: without objection. >> madam speaker, today i rise to ask my colleagues to join me in celebrating the accomplishments of the salisbury alumni chapter of kappa alpha chi fraternity. this year marks 20 years of dedication to the youth of salisbury, maryland, by providing them with a positive outlet through their summer basketball league. mr. kratovil: the co-directors of the basketball league are bruce wharton and tom van landinghan. they have a program that keeps children off the street when schools are closed. the league started for kids o
call from columbia, maryland. bill is on our democrats line. caller: i will speak fast so i it -- because i have a lot to say. we have people available to give up their jobs, the baby boomers, anyone born from 1946 through 1964, 78 million baby boomers. the 7000 baby boomers reach the age of 62 every single day. people, if given the right incentives, would retire. many people will not retire because of medical benefits. the federal government should drop the medicaid age requirement from 65 to 62. and buying fixed mortgages for these people with just a paper change, at a 3%, would drop the money they have to put out each month. and the state governments and federal government can look into -- but we have people right now who would retire if given the right incentives. remember, 7000 baby boomers per day are available to give up their jobs and would do it with the right incentives but the government is not looking at its. not even talking about this pool of people -- they changed america as they have gone through the years. they can do it again. they are waiting and willing t
rossville, maryland. it registered a magnitude of 3.6. right now, there are no reports of any damage. senate hearings were start at the end of the month on the release of the convicted lockerbie bomber. he was let out of a british prison as you'll recall after doctors said he only had about three months to live because of terminal cancer. well, now doctors say he might live another 10 years. the senate foreign relations committee also wants to know more about b.p. who was lobbying apparently for his release. b.p. has a deal with libya for oil drilling off its coast. a replacement for the late west virginia senator robert byrd is expected to be announced this afternoon at 2:00 eastern time. he died in office last month. governor joe mansion says the pick will be temporary. among the possibilities are soon-to-be federal judge nick casy and former governor gaston caperton. the legislature is considering a special election in november. mansion says it's highly likely he'll run. the sooner a new senator from west virginia can get to washington, the sooner unemployment benefits will be restored to
to death there. the -- a delegate with maryland. filed a complaint asking while criminal charges have not been levied in against this individual and that youth facility said that that was on your office now. where are you as far as charges and -- >> that's moving forward. i think -- you know, it's a secret proceeding so i can't get into details. i think delegate to don fell's inquiry will be addressed now, as a matter of fact today. >> all right. we appreciate your time. i know you're very busy these days. i'll come back and see us when you have more information to share. >> i look forward to it. >> coming up, a federal judge set to rule on arizona's controversial immigration law which police have started enforcing tomorrow. we're talking about receipts at the coffee shop, the atm, the grocery store. it's what's printed on those receipts that might be putting your health at risks. you'll want to hear the findings. >>> ahead this morning summer vacation is running short. holly is showing up one spot where we can make the most of the days we do have. stay with us. it is about 7:21. we'l
to the 14th street bridge. delays are typical out of college park in maryland. >>> there is a lot of sunshine again today. it will be a fantastic and comfortable low humidity day. i went running yesterday and it felt like a weight had been lifted off of may. it will be similar to moral and by the weekend, the heat will increase and we get back into the humidity. enjoy this while it lasts. we were in the upper 50's in many locations and we are on her way to 80 degrees this afternoon. closer to average by saturday and back in the 90's by july 4. >>> maryland gubernatorial candidate bob ehrlich has picked a running mate. he used a youtube video to show that he passed mary kane -- he chose mary kane. we will be back with another news update at 8:25. hey, volley for serve. friendly competition runs on dunkin' with our refreshing coolatta flavors. enjoy an icy boost today. america runs on dunkin'. ♪ ain't that america you and me ♪ ♪ ain't that america something to see ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >>> everyone getting ready for a long july 4th weekend here in times square. shelby ta
. is that enough? >> we need more. >> reporter: in ocean city, maryland, independence day means the freedom to hit the beach. >> it's an escape from reality, from work. getting out of home. >> reporter: temperatures throughout the northeast are predicted in some areas to hit 100 degrees later in the week. >> well, the heat wave that's going on is just a pretty typical summer-like heat wave. we have high pressure over the atlantic ocean and it's drawing up the heat and moisture from the gulf of mexico. >> reporter: many cities like chicago are enjoying the hottest, driest fourth of july in nearly a decade rk but many forecasters say that's about to change. a band of heavy thunderstorms stretching from mexico to the great lakes the crossing the plain states. many communities are being told to brace for as much as five inches of rain and localized flooding, but with clear skies and hot temperatures, there's not better time than the fourth of july to slather on the sunscreen. >> we decided to do a red, white and blue one. >> reporter: unless you're tired and cranky. for those four-legged patriots, ple
. 270, good morning, maryland. we are moving well 121 to the split. back to you. >>> the heat wave is taking a toll on emergency responders. alex trevino talked to the dc fire department about what it is like to be on call in dangerous conditions. >> having enough cool drinking water on hand is essential under these scorching temperatures, critical for this crew of dc firefighters trying to remain hydrated as exhaustion started to kick in for some who are working a fire inside of these northwest apartments. >> we wear shorts and short sleeve shirts on normal. as soon as you put your gear on, you are just sealed up tight. >> reporter: the sun beating down, like a laser beam, surely doesn't supply any relief for fully equiped firemen rushing in the building up the stairwell they wear out easy. >> you tire out quicker. >> reporter: one of the challenges for the crew from engine 22 in the brutal heat is lugging heavy equipment up the stairs, four flights just to reach the fire. that's why the lieutenant says it is important to check up on each other to make sure everyone is okay. >> yo
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